The New Best Reality TV: Primark Hauls

Why I’m addicted to watching Primark Hauls.

Watching Primark Hauls on Youtube is my new guilty pleasure. If you haven’t seen any yet, they are home videos of ordinary, but usually very pretty, girls shoving their massive brown paper Primark bags at the camera and excitedly ripping out individual items to squeal or stammer their reasons as to why they purchased a sackload of stuff from the famous low-cost fashion store.

I first started watching Primark Hauls because I was desperately seeking some wedge sandals that were cheap enough to sweat in, ruin and throw away (yeah, I know that’s bad), and Primark does not have an online store.  But what started as a practical, smart way around a significant first world problem, soon turned into unbridled obsessive consumption of these videos. And I’ll tell you why:

Primark shopping is fun. I love taking a pile of clothes into the changing rooms with high hopes, trying them all on, laughing and leaving with only a couple of treasures. Now you can vicariously experience these joys through Youtube! These videos are a way to cut out all the sweaty changing rooms, the layer of dust that ends up on your clothes from being thrown on Primark’s floor and the annoying static hair from trying on all that polyester.

If I’m totally honest, most of the girls uploading these Primark Hauls are the people I’d least like to be wearing a similar outfit to (there are some, but not many, exceptions). These videos are an indispensable resource of what not to buy in Primark, a warning of the items not to buy if you want to avoid that nightmare situation of wearing the same outfit as someone- Eeek! AND it being all from Primark- NOOOO!!!

I go into Primark with my mind-set on what type of item I want, let’s say a pair of heels. The plan is: I’ll find them, pay, leave, put them in my leather backpack and throw the Primark bag in the nearest bin. More often than not, I’ll just have a “quick look” in the other sections and before I know it, my basket is so full, it’s pulling my arms out of their sockets. Everyone’s done it, these girls in the Primark Hauls do it. You go in with good, frugal intentions and leave with a couple of huge embarrassing Primark bags. Let’s face it, Primark gets you on the impulse purchases (that’s probably the reason why they don’t have an online store).  If you watch enough of these Hauls on Youtube, you become immune to the temptations of Primark. Because most of these girls ultimately don’t have the same taste as you, you start to think that Primark only has ugly things in this month: not worth going in then.

Once in a while, you’ll stumble across a comedy gem in these videos: My favourite being the reaction of a girl who she realises the new bargain shoes she loves are two different sizes (here: from 12:50). You can also snobbishly scoff at mispronunciation of some simple fashion terms: with the summer coming up, there’s been an awful lot of “crotch-IT” instead of crochet.

If you like seeing how people decorate their bedrooms, love judging people’s fashion sense and want to see what’s in store in Primark, you need to search “Primark Haul” on Youtube. It’s my new favourite reality TV.


5 thoughts on “The New Best Reality TV: Primark Hauls

  1. It was so interesting reading this post and to tell the truth I watch Primark hauls on Youtube, too. ps. Whenever I go there, I end up with my basket full and have to wait for ages on the line after! 🙂

  2. This is me all over! I just love watching them and saying (without fail every time) ‘why can’t I ever find clothes like that when I go!?’. Thanks for following my blog, you now have a fellow cynical British female follower – nice to meet you! haha x

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