Ridiculous Fashion: Shoulder Robing.

Enough time to stand around posing, not enough time to put her coat on.

Enough time to stand around posing, not enough time to put her coat on. (Image source: unknown)

Is Shoulder Robing a trend to be avoided?

Once in a while, a trend will come along which will really make you question the sanity of the entire human race. The most recent of these fads has been Shoulder Robing. I mean, really?

So the Gods of fashion are telling us that all this time we’ve been putting our arms into the sleeves of our jackets, we were doing it wrong. Sleeves aren’t for keeping our arms warm and our coats in place, they are merely decorative flaps. Silly, aesthetically displeasing mortals.

There are some totally plausible reasons for wearing a coat without putting your arms through. A gentleman has romantically draped his coat over your shoulders: acceptable. The time it takes to put on your coat outweighs the amount of time you need to wear your coat: acceptable. You’ve forgotten to put deodorant under your arms and it’s a dry-clean-only coat: yes, okay, that’s understandable.

Not you too, Kanye! Image: http://www.glamourmagazine.co.uk/

Not you too, Kanye! Image: http://www.glamourmagazine.co.uk/

But to purposely go out of your way to wear an item of clothing incorrectly just because everyone else is doing it? It makes no sense. Well it does: followers of fashion, will follow, no matter how crazy. But, have the zombies forgotten the embarrassment that was the backwards baseball cap? Besides, does Shoulder Robing even look good?

Okay. So there’s the argument that Shoulder Robing looks cool and casual. The fact that it is a known “look” now makes it obvious, to anyone who cares, that you’re trying hard: the opposite of cool and casual. There’s also the point-of-view that this is the new “alpha” look: faking that you’re just too busy to put your coat on properly. If you were oh-so-busy you wouldn’t be able to spare the time it takes to keep readjusting the position of your coat, to make sure it stays perched in that awkward-to-maintain position on your shoulders, and prevent it falling to the ground with every few strides. You’re fooling no one!

Sometimes I think that the higher authorities of fashion just chuck a piss-take trend at us mere followers, just for their own amusement: “What stupid thing can we make them do next?”. Next up: not even putting your coat on your shoulders, but wearing it with just the hood on your head a la a-child-pretending-to-be-Batman.


8 thoughts on “Ridiculous Fashion: Shoulder Robing.

  1. Oh my gosh, this post took the words out of my mouth. Sometimes, bloggers and fashionistas get so lost in their own hype that I think they forget how ridiculous some trends/ideas are. You had enough money to buy that gorgeous Celine coat, now put your arms through it or else it’s just an expensive fabric flap. #endrant


    Another Beautiful Thing

  2. I hold my hands up, I’ve tried this trend. Only problem with holding your hands up is the coat then falls off your shoulders, usually straight into a puddle. Agreed – utterly daft and impractical!

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