Street Style: The Summer Brights of Florence.

A collection of images featuring brightly coloured clothing in Florence, Italy. Taken in Spring/Summer 2014.   (Click images to view in gallery)

Visiting major tourist attractions in foreign countries provides a great opportunity to see not only what locals are wearing, but what people from all over the world are wearing. On a recent trip to Italy, I took interest in both the local’s and fellow tourist’s choice of clothing.

Arguably, the tourists were more interesting than the locals. They had to dress comfortably and practically for exploring, but also had to dress for the camera, as most would be posing in photos in front of the famous sights.

This is a collection of photos I took of the eye-catching colours being worn around Florence. Mint green and yellow have been named the colours for Spring/Summer 2014 by many: There wasn’t an overwhelming amount of mint green, but there was a heck of a lot of yellow.

I’d say the majority of block colours being worn around Florence were warm brights. Maybe this is a form of urban camouflage in a city known for its red roofs and yellow walls.


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