Street Style: Smart Casual of Nice, France.

Street style photos of what the average person is wearing in Nice, Côte d’Azur, France. (Taken Summer 2014)


While doing my research before a weekend trip to the south of France, I noticed more than the usual, “Pack clothes you can layer” and, “Don’t wear trainers, socks with sandals, or a fanny pack, or you’ll look like a tourist”. Various blogs and websites claimed that one shouldn’t wear prints, bright colours, short-shorts or too many accessories because you’ll be looked down on! This worried me. A lot. (Well, not too much because I ended up packing a dress with bright pink flowers on it).

In Nice, I did notice a lack of visible tattoos and ill-fitting clothes, but the dress code certainly wasn’t as strict as people have made out. While there were a lot of block nautical and neutral colours, there were also patterns, pattern clashing and some bright colours. There were even some short-shorts too! No need to worry then!

The place had a relaxed smart-casual vibe, which added to its beauty.


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