Do Online Clothing Stores have Bad “Style Etiquette”?

Online fashion stores are giving out bad advice, encouraging us to lose our individuality and to commit style sins.

Smart girl. Image:

Smart and stylish girl.

I hardly ever buy clothing online. I simply need to feel the fabrics and try items on. Waiting for a tardy postman and inevitably, queueing in a post office to send everything back just seems like a pain to me.

I do like browsing stores online though. To know what’s in the store before planning a trip really helps with my method of military-style shopping: Know where you’re heading, get what you want and leave.

There’s one thing that’s starting to annoy me about online stores though: When you’re looking at a particular item, the description sometimes offers you advice about what to wear with it.

To illustrate this, here is a description of a rain mac on the Debenhams website:

“Wear the slim funnel mac as a modern take on a spring essential. Featuring front pocket detailing, beautiful dyed to match buttons, this style will provide just the right combination of style and practicality. Wear with a pair of skinny jeans and cute pumps.”


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Guide to Buying a Good Pair of Ugly Shoes

The Ugly Shoe: Geek Chic, Hipster, Normcore, or just more practical? Here are some quick tips, from an Ugly Shoe veteran*, on picking out an authentic pair.

Birkenstocks: Classic Ugly Shoe. I think they’re pretty though. Image:

So after years of being called a lesbian, a German and a granny, it seems “ugly” shoes are coming into fashion, which means I’ll have to consider whether I’ll be putting my beloved sensible shoes to the back of the closet this summer, in fear of being seen as indulging in fads, or start comfortably jumping for joy that strangers won’t give me funny looks anymore.

I know that the term is used playfully to describe a certain type of shoe (a flat, sensible shoe that’s good for your joints, you can’t fall over in and can’t fall out of), but, if you actually think the look of a shoe is totally “ugly” you shouldn’t be wearing it, right? If something isn’t pleasing to your eye, you shouldn’t wear it, because it just simply isn’t your style. No?

However, I’d like to think people genuinely do care about their health and comfort now and are willing to adapt their style in order to shop for longer. If this is your reason for wanting Ugly Shoes, I am thrilled for you: You’re about to change your life.

Whether you’re genuinely into the luxury of pain-free footwear and feel like you can get away with this bold look, or you’re just wanting a piece of this trend, here are some tips, from an experienced Ugly Shoe buyer, as to what to look out for to get an authentic nerdy look, and happy feet, this summer:

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Normcore: What is the Meaning of this??

Normcore is deceptively complex. What does this trend of “blending in” say about fashion and society as a whole?

Normcore, the inclination to dress “normally”, is the most complicated trend ever known: full of unexpected, mind-shattering contradictions. Here are some issues that are associated with Normcore:

How do you feel about being a style icon, Jerry? Image:

How do you feel about being a style icon, Jerry?

  • If you follow this trend, set by people who aren’t interested in fashion, are you interested in and following fashion, or uninterested and not following?
  • How exactly is one to know that someone else is making a fashion statement by dressing normally? It is impossible to make a meaningful statement with Normcore, rendering it useless as a “look”?
  • Is Normcore a fashion trend or a mindset?

I’ve been pondering over half a dozen more, but in the interest of brevity, I have left them out. I won’t attempt to answer these questions here: I’ll leave some links below so you can assess the situation and decide for yourselves (if you haven’t done so already).

What’s more interesting, for me, are the inferences we can make about society and attitudes towards fashion from this alleged “new” trend.

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Ridiculous Fashion: Shoulder Robing.

Enough time to stand around posing, not enough time to put her coat on.

Enough time to stand around posing, not enough time to put her coat on. (Image source: unknown)

Is Shoulder Robing a trend to be avoided?

Once in a while, a trend will come along which will really make you question the sanity of the entire human race. The most recent of these fads has been Shoulder Robing. I mean, really?

So the Gods of fashion are telling us that all this time we’ve been putting our arms into the sleeves of our jackets, we were doing it wrong. Sleeves aren’t for keeping our arms warm and our coats in place, they are merely decorative flaps. Silly, aesthetically displeasing mortals.

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The New Best Reality TV: Primark Hauls

Why I’m addicted to watching Primark Hauls.

Watching Primark Hauls on Youtube is my new guilty pleasure. If you haven’t seen any yet, they are home videos of ordinary, but usually very pretty, girls shoving their massive brown paper Primark bags at the camera and excitedly ripping out individual items to squeal or stammer their reasons as to why they purchased a sackload of stuff from the famous low-cost fashion store.

I first started watching Primark Hauls because I was desperately seeking some wedge sandals that were cheap enough to sweat in, ruin and throw away (yeah, I know that’s bad), and Primark does not have an online store.  But what started as a practical, smart way around a significant first world problem, soon turned into unbridled obsessive consumption of these videos. And I’ll tell you why:

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